Tips for Protecting Your Car from Road Salt

Car Covered With Snow

Although road salt does wonders for making snow-covered roads drivable again, it does a number to the undercarriage and side panels of your car. If left to fester, the corrosive substance will rust and chew away at the metal, which could be dangerous. Keep your car rust-free and protected from corrosion by following these road salt protection tips this winter.

  1. Pre-treat your car: Be ready for winter even before it hits. Give the whole vehicle a good wash and wax to shield it from salt, and have the undercarriage treated with an oil solution that does the same thing.
  2. Watch where you drive: Avoid getting close to snow plows, puddles of water, and piles of snow in parking lots. All of these places are filled with salt.
  3. Wash your vehicle: After a snowstorm passes and the plows return to their posts, head to a car wash to clean off the salt. Look for a place that offers a thorough under-spray.

According to the DMV, the most susceptible places on your car to salt damage are the exhaust system, muffler, coil springs, subframe, and hydraulic brake system. Pay particular attention to these areas washed when protecting your car from road salt.

If your car needs maintenance or repairs done this winter, bring your car to the Terryville Chevrolet service garage. We’ll gladly make sure your ride is ready for miles to come.