Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car


The return of spring means that it’s a great opportunity to get your affairs in order at home with a bit of spring cleaning. Once you’ve pared down your closet and spruced up your yard, take some time out and act on these great spring cleaning tips for your car.

Wash Your Car

Leaving winter debris and road salt residue on your vehicle doesn’t just make it look unsightly, it can also wear down the paint and cause significant problems over time. To avoid this, grab a bucket, soap, and the hose and wash your car when the weather turns warm. Scrub your car down and make sure to hose off the undercarriage to help prevent rust. Finally, dry the car in its entirety with a clean microfiber towel, and stand back to admire the shining result of your hard work.

Clean the Interior

You likely don’t take a lot of time to clean out your car in the winter, which means your floors and upholstery could be littered with leaves, salt, dirt, and even trash you just never got around to cleaning up. Now that warmer weather has arrived, it’s time to clean it all out. Clean out any trash, wash your floor mats, vacuum your carpeting and upholstery, and give all of your interior surfaces a much-needed wipe down.

If your spring cleaning checklist includes getting out of an old car and into a fresh new Chevrolet, we can help you here at Terryville Chevrolet.